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Ghostwood Blended Bourbon

Ghostwood Blended Bourbon

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750ml | 90 Proof | 45% Alc./Vol

Camping alone in the woods while growing up, your imagination could have a tendency to run away from you. Before you, blazes a warm, snapping fire, but beyond that light there is darkness... and it’s holding its breath.

The feeling of being alone against the mysteries of the world is what led me to create Ghostwood. This recipe was inspired by-and for-that world, when the remnants of
summer have given way to the bracing turn of winter and darkness lurks just over your
firelit shoulders, causing you to smile with a hidden warmth.

– Lucas Perks, Founder & Owner
Ghostwood Distilling Co.

The result is a signature bourbon whiskey without compare, which flows warmly across the tongue, hints at pepper and finishes with a rich spice cake note.

Color: Dark Amber
Aroma: Oak with hints of toffee and spice
Mouth: Wood, nutty, slightly buttery and earthy
Flavor: Oak, almond, toffee and spice
Finish: Warm, dry and uniquely smooth

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